Saturday, August 27, 2011

Restaurant Twitter Feeds

The restaurant business along with just about any other business has been expanding it's presence on the internet. When I first starting working with restaurants on the web, only a small percentage of them even had a website. Now more than 50% of restaurants have a website. Now some are jumping onto twitter, especially with the food trunk craze over the past few years. As another way to makes dineries a better place for all things restaurant, we've added a feature to display the twitter feeds of restaurants.

We're planning on integrating the food trunks into dineries and this will come in handy for those as well as seeing other promotions any restaurant may be doing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Displaying Submitter Credit When Credit's Due

We think credit is should be supplied where credit is due. At dineries we try to care, unfortunately there are too many things to care about. But giving our users credit is one thing that's important to us. We've been keeping track of who as submitted what, and now we're starting to display them. We are still building a lot of the infrastructure and adding restaurant data, but pretty soon, we'll be adding cool user features like better search and sorting.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dineries gets a boost

Hi everybody.

Dineries has a boost in traffic as it is now the new home of Sporq has been around on the internet since 2006 but after some great years and partners dropping out, sporq has officially shut its doors, for now...

Anyway, I want to welcome all the sporq users to We hope you like it here and we will try our best to deliver a even better product than sporq. I (andrew) am actually one of the founding members of sporq and now i'm trying to continue on with my vision with my new team.

In addition, we have optimized dineries at the core levels and it runs about 4X faster! Enjoy the speed and don't get whiplash.

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