Thursday, September 8, 2011

Editing Restaurant and New Restaurants

Despite how cool Dineries looks, we are actually a very small group of people all with full time jobs. Such so, we really need the help of our Dinerians to help out on the site to maintain the site. So order to build and maintain the restaurants, we have and plan on continue to build out features for you Dinerians to submit information to us.

So here we go! The long awaited editing existing restaurants and submitting of new restaurants. Now on existing restaurants you will see this new link.

To submit a new restaurant to us, use the link found in our updated footer called "Submit Restaurant"

OpenMenu and Twitter Bootstrap

We recently came across the service OpenMenu at They have standardized a menu format which many restaurants are using. There is a lot of work to be desired in this area of menus and they have a great start. What this means to us, is more menus online, which we have embedded from openmenu!

Dineries have upgraded the underlying CSS framework making use of Bootstrap from Twitter. What does that mean? Basically you'll see a more unified look, pretty buttons, and prettier message boxes. All in all, not much has changed on the user side, but things are considerably different and hopefully will speed up development for the future.